Mobile Applications Development


On behalf of the Faculty of the Mobile Applications Development 3-year ‘advanced’ diploma program, I would like to welcome you to St. Clair College, The Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology and our great program. If you are passionate about programming and becoming a strong software developer, you have selected the right program. The faculty who teach in this program are also passionate about what they do and work closely with industry to ensure this program is up-to-date using the latest technologies in the field. The five specific areas of learning are Mobile Development (Android and iOS), Web Development, Desktop Development, and Game Development. You will learn to code using several modern programming languages, technologies and frameworks, building a strong portfolio along the way. Employers tell us that our graduates are skilled and work-ready and are valuable additions to their teams. Each year a few students choose to continue their education at a university of their choice either on one of our articulation agreements or by creating their own. We are elated that you chose this program and we are here to support you along the way!

Enjoy your time at St. Clair!

Peter Nikita

Coordinator, Mobile Applications Development
Zekelman School of Business and I.T

Technology Staff

Faculty Room # Extension
Jim Marsh (Dean) 255 4356
Anthony Mancini(Chair) 255 4299
Janice Trpkovski (Operations Manager) 255 5221
Peter Nikita (MAD/WEB Coordinator) 67 4329
Phil Aylesworth 65 4113
Darren Takaki 65 4039
Nick Sylvestre 65 5301
Câi Filiault 65 4193
Andrew Steele 68 4993
Ruth Susannah (NET Coordinator) 79 4729
Nasser Hamami 65 4443
Franco Iacobacci 68A 4972
Corey Joinville 65 4743
John Sanderson 65 4114
Carsen Siu 65 5316
"There is much growth anticipated in the Information Technology field - and we are here to guide and support you to be a part of that growth. Have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss this very important decision in your career path."